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You are certain to believe in magic while watching Dal Sanders perform his act. Not content to merely mystify the audience, this is an entertainer who combines escape, comedy, audience participation, music, magic and most of all FUN.

Dal’s riveting stage presence, combined with his timely humor and amazing talent has won him plaudits everywhere he has performed. From college stages to night-clubs, from amusement parks to shopping malls, from sea to shining sea in lavishly beautiful theaters, Dal Sanders has treated audiences of all ages to imaginative and entertaining shows that have resulted in his tremendous success.

The energy in the room is amazing as the audience becomes part of the show. Dal Sanders has been performing for over twenty years and has perfected his ability to please the audience with incredible magic, laughter and fun. For excellence in entertainment, you want DAL SANDERS

The Pure Magic of Dal Sanders also has made frequent guest appearances on television variety shows and appeared with such celebrities as Bill Cosby, The Dixie Chicks, The Beach Boys, Toto, Styx, Huey Lewis & The News, Kenny Rogers, Gladys Knight, Foghat, The Grassroots, Gary Lewis & the Playboys, Gabe Kaplan, Spyro Gyra, The New Seekers, The New Christi Minstrels, and The Serendipity Singers. A stunning showcase of astounding illusions, The Pure Magic of Dal Sanders is one of the brightest acts in entertainment today.

Family friendly comedy, bold choreography, captivating music, and Dal’s extraordinary talent ignite each show with energy and excitement. A rare mix of polish and down-to-earth appeal, Dal captures the imagination of children and adults alike. His fresh approach and unique style is in demand at venues as diverse as casinos, colleges and conventions, Dal is garnering acclaim in entertainment circles as the Finest Family Entertainer in America.

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